Hey there!

I’m a CS student & developer and I want
to help your NGO whilst traveling
this summer.

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Let's talk work & travel

Travel map

I love traveling.
And I love meeting locals at the places I go.

So here is the deal:
In June I will spend 4-5 days in each of the cities above.
One day I will work for your NGO. For free.

Why are you doing this?

The answer is twofold:


I want to help NGOs out: I admire their work and would like to support their efforts. Need an update to the website? Visualize where your money goes? Want to understand your donors better? Need a helping hand when giving out soup or organizing a community film night?
I’ll be happy to help move things!


Traveling is much more fun if you know locals.
Maybe you have a couch I can crash on, could show me parts of the city tourists usually avoid or introduce me to some of your friends. I am in it for the culture, the people and the food. I don’t want you to pay for anything for me but if you could help me make this a memorable journey I’d be delighted!

Let me tell you some more about myself

Le me

Web development

Data analysis

iOS Apps

Data visualization

Linux & OS X









Birom player

Coffeeshop coder

Je parle français!

Indie Rock

CS student @ ETH Zurich

Le me Le me Le me

Let's make it happen!

June 2013
1. - 4. Vienna 18. - 21. Sarajevo
5. - 9. Budapest 22. - 25. Belgrade
10. - 13. Zagreb 26. - 30. Bucharest

Interested? Questions?

Let's talk: robin@charity-hack.org

Not an NGO?

Doesn’t matter, I’d love to get coffee, explore the city
or work on world domination plans. Please write!

Looking forward to your mail!